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I consider my art production as interdisciplinary, and specialize in the use of light
as a pictorial and sculptural tool. I aim to explore the feedback between reality and
representation, and like to play with binomials such as: real/fake, presence/absence
and original/copy. Light is for me the perfect tool for the generation of simulation
and optical illusions, enabling me to give life to inanimate objects, blurring the
boundaries between reality and representation, presence and absence.


A Galician visual artist based in Berlin. Bego’s interdisciplinary production
specializes in the use of light as a pictorial and sculptural tool. Her work explores
the feedback between the real and the represented, through playing with binomials
such as: real/false, presence/absence and original/copy.

Light is for her a tool of simulation and optical illusion capable of giving life to
inanimate objects, blurring the boundaries between reality and representation,
presence and absence.

Her first international exhibition will be in 2005 as part of the Video-Dictionary
project with Antoni Muntadas and Alicia Framis. The itinerary of the exhibition
included the Casa Encendida (Madrid), MACBA (Barcelona), Island Art Film and Video Festival 05 (London, UK), Impact Festival (Utrecht, Holland) and Image-Forum (Tokyo, Japan).

Bego graduated in Fine Arts in 2007, and she finished her Master in Art and
Technology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2008. In this year she
received the artistic creation award Fundación Laxeiro for her “Loop Diarios”
project, in which she explored the beautiful and the sinister in daily life through 5
video-installations that recreate uncanniness of home.

In 2009 she won the artistic production fellowship “Madrid Procesos’09” for her
video-installation “Almas Latentes”, presented at La Noche en Blanco in Madrid
together with the artistic group NiñoViejo (of which she was a member for 3

In 2010 she moved to Prague to work as a guest lecturer in the Department of
Cinema and Animation of the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, University
of Prague (Czech Republic). Where she developed a curriculum based on the
hybridization of cinematographic, analogue and digital techniques, for use in
cinema and plastic arts.

In parallel to her teaching activity, she also developed projects, exhibitions and
artistic residencies such as “La Perfumeria” video- installation site-specific
(Mapping Festival of Geneva), “Panels” audiovisual stage set up together Old
Child (contemporary art centre MeetFactory Prague), “Barroco” video-installation
site-specific (National Gallery of Prague), “Vj session” – LaptopRuss (Matadero de
Madrid and Museo Reina Sofa). In 2012 she moved to Berlin to join the team of
MEDIENWERKSTATT art and technology department of “Bethanien Kunstraum” where she developed, in collaboration with HTW Berlin (the University of Applied
Sciences in Berlin), the interactive book “Simulacra. A Digital Storytelling “,
which was exhibited during the Festival de la Luces de Berlin 2013 and CAR 2014
– Media Art Fair (Essen, Germany).

In 2013 she performed the interactive video-installation “Little Boxes” during her
period of residence in LA NORMAL – Cultural Intervention Space of the
University of La Coruña. This was part of the exhibition Elas Fan Tech. Selected
by Vimeo – New York – Staff Picks, “Little Boxes” received great media coverage
and will be exhibited at various festivals including FILE – International Electronic
Language Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil). “Little Boxes” will also be the subject of
academic research in various doctoral theses and conferences, including
Konstantinos Stoupathis, the curator of the National Museum of Contemporary Art
(EMST) in Athens, who spoke at length about the piece at the 18th Day of
Conservation of Contemporary Art of the Reina Museum, Sofa.

In 2016 she was invited to participate in the collective film “Visions” composed by
ten short films directors of the “New Cinema Galego”, including Carla Andrade,
Carme Nogueira, Eva Calvar, Sonia Méndez, Andrea Zapata-Girau, Lara Bacelo,
Olaia Sendón, Diana Toucedo and Claudia Brenlla. “Visions” was shown at
DOCMA – Matadero de Madrid, Zinebi Bilbao Film Festival, (S8) Periférico
Cinema Show (A Coruña), Scottish Film Talent Network (Edinburgh, UK), Chiayi
City International Art Documentary Film Festival Chiayi, Taiwan), among others.
On an individual basis, her recent short film, “Zeitübergreifend” received the award
for the best short documentary of the 48th edition of the Documentary Film
Festival Alcances (Cadiz).

Also in 2016 we can find “Ephemerality Sandwich” – a site-specific video
installation in collaboration with video-artist and Illustrator Ilan Katin and sculptor
Olivier Grosetete. The project was presented in MAC – Festival of urban art and
technology of Barcelona.

Among her latest offerings, we find the series of video installations “Cosmos,
everything that is ordered”. “Follow the Path” is the first work of this series. A
video-installation first exhibited on March 31, 2017 in Museums Quartier (Vienna
Austria) as part of the exhibition “Mood Swings- On Mood Politics, Sentiment
Data, Market Sentiments And Other Sentiment Agencies”. This series has had its
continuation with the video installation “Mathematics of God” made during 2018,
through 4 months residency program for creators ( Culture Resident Artistic
Production Award) at Consorci de Museos, de Valencia, Spain. And also with a big
scale of Follow the Path for the seventh edition of the BCN Light, a festival in
which different emblematic spaces of the city are transformed thanks to the talent
of artists and students who work with the transforming power of light.

Bego M. Santiago transforms the waters of the Disney Hub ́s pond into a screen
projection in which a series of small animated swimmers travel. Cosmos series as
most of her work explore the relationships between art, mysticism and science, and
reveals the limits of perception, knowledge processes and simulation of what is



Culture Resident Artistic Production Award – selected work – Alicante, Spain.

48° Alcances – Documentary Film Festival – First prize – Best short documentary film – Cadiz, Spain

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – selected work – Sao Paulo, Brasil

Vimeo Staff Picks – selected work – New York, USA

LaptopRuss – selected work – Madrid, Spain

ECONCIENCIA – CasaPasarela – IFEMA – selected work – Madrid, Spain

Madrid Procesos’09 by AVAM Asociación de artistas visuales de Madrid – Madrid, Spain

Feima – Fundacion Laxeiro – first prize – www.laxeiro.es – Vigo, Spain

GRAND TOUR DKV BB.AA. – UPV -second prize – New York, USA

VideoDictionary “La CasaEncendida” – selected work – Madrid, Spain


LAS CIGARRERAS – Residency program for creators – Alicante, Spain.

Museums Quartier residency program – Wien, Austrian.

Residency program ELAS FAN TECH – NORMAL. UDC cultural intervention space – A Coruña, Spain.

First Meeting of Young Artists – City of Culture – Santiago de Compostela, Spain
MEETFACTORY International center of contemporary art – Prague, Czech Republic

METAMAPPING residence for artists Mapping Festival 2010 – Geneva, Swiss

Digital SummerCamp for job creators – LABORAL Center for Art and Industrial Creation. Gijon, Spain.

Workshop of artist Dan Gram. IVAM – Valencia, Spain.


SCOPE New York – represented by The Directed Art Modern – New York, USA

FIVA 08, Festival Internacional de Videoarte – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Transformation – Design DistricT, The Directed Art Modern, Miami, USA

SCOPE Miami Beach – represented by The Directed Art Modern – Miami, USA
FRAGILE – GOLDEN APRICOT – Yerevan International Film Festival – Yerevan, ARMENIA

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FILE RIO DE JANEIRO 2018 – Electronic art in the disruptive age | CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil / Rio de Janeiro, Blasil

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FILE BRASILIA 2017 – Electronic art in the disruptive age | CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil / Brasilia – Brasil

“MOOD SWINGS” – Frei Raum Q21 – Museums Quartier – Wien, Österreich

Scottish Film Talent Network – Edinburgh College of Art – Edinburgh, UK

Chiayi City International Art Documentary Film Festival – Chiayi, Taiwan

Cherry Picks – Berlin Film Society – Berlin, Germany

MICE- Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico – Museo do Pobo Galego – Santiago de Compostela.

GOLDEN APRICOT – Yerevan International Film Festival – Yerevan, ARMENIA

VISIONS Museo Manuel Torres – Marín, Spain

Cinema de Muller – Espaço Cultural Armazém Art Gallery – Collective exhibition – Florianopolis – Brasil.


CINEEUROPA 30 – sala Numax – Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

MAC Festival – La Mercè 2016 – Barcelona, Spain

Zinebi Film Festival – Bilbao, Spain

Auch Wenn Es Flucht Bedeutet – collective exhibition – Glogauair – Berlin, Germany

DOCMA – Cineteca Madrid – Matadero – Madrid Spain.

Festival Cinemas Ocultos – Cangas, Spain

21° OUFF – International Film Festival – Ourense – Spain

‘Magical Girls’- collective exhibition – Casa das Artes – Vigo – Spain
Festival de cine documental Alcances – 48 edición – Cadiz, Spain
(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico – A Coruña – Spain

Festival internacional de cine de Vigo – Vigo – Spain
• Festival de Cans – Tui – Spain
ADAF -12th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Digital Pop – collective exhibition – Athens, Greek.
Visions – collective exhibition – auditorio do Concello Vigo – Spain

Visions – collective exhibition – Museo Pontevedra – Spain
Mostra – collective exhibition – auditorio do Concello Vigo – Spain
Mostra – collective exhibition – Museo Pontevedra – Spain


FILE – Electronic Language International Festival / Sao Paulo, Brasil


Patchlab – Collective exhibition – Kraków, Poland

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LUNCHMEAT FESTIVAL Prague, Czech Republic – Collective exhibition – www.lunchmeat.cz/festival/2011

FIFTYFLOOR – Collective exhibition, Berlin Germany

ARQUEOLOGIAS DE LO INTIMO – Collective exhibition – Auditorio Ciudad de León . Leon Spain
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INSANITUS – medijų festivalis | Insanitus Collective exhibition- https://www.insanitus.lt

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INSIDE – The City of Culture – Santiafo de Compostela, Spain Collective exhibition – www.cidadedacultura.org


MAPPING FESTIVAL – La Perfumeria – Geneva (Swiss) Collective exhibition – www.mappingfestival.ch/2010/ – vimeo.com/13848946

LaptopRuss – Museo Reina Sofia and Matadero de Madrid – Madrid, Spain Collective exhibition www.laptopsrus.me

LaptopRuss – Stattbad – Berlin Germany Collective exhibition www.laptopsrus.me – www.stattbad.net

LA NOCHE EN BLANCO Collective exhibition Madrid (Spain)


FESTVAL INCUBARTE Collective exhibition, Valencia, (Spain)

SONNIVISIÓN Individual exhibition in C.C.C. OCTUBRE. Valencia. (Spain)


“Cycle of Videoart at IVAM” Collective exhibition Valencia, (Spain). IVAM Modern Art Institute of Valencia

“Loop Barcelona” Collective exhibition, Macba, Barcelona (Spain).


“Festival Image-Forum” Collective exhibition, Tokio ( Japan )

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“Island Art Film and Video Festival 05” London, (UK) Collective exhibition, Gallery Prenelle

“ VideoDictionar y ” Collective expo Barcelona (Spain) Centre d’Art Santa Mònica


Masters / Postgraduate Digital Media Art – Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Master in Education CAP- Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

Graduate in Visual Arts – Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

06 – 07.03.2007
ReacTable & ReacTIVision Workshop in interactive tables teachers Martin Kaltenbrunner and Zach Lieberman – Hangar Barcelona, Spain

15 -18.01.2007
Dan Graham workshop with the artist IVAM Valencia, Spain

Workshop Open Source iDiary-Framework – Hochschule für Technike und Wirtschaft Berlin.

01.10.2005- 04.02.2006
Workshop “research Lab, UE, 4.0 :sound.matters” TU wien (technical university Vienna); Viena, Austria.


01/01/2009 – 02/20/2010
Invited teacher – Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague // www.vsup.cz // vimeo.com/13107131

01/05/2012 – 30/09/2013

06/12/2012 – 06/15/ 2012
Workshops de AV Installations – CAMON Art and Technology – Murcia (Spain) // www.tucamon.es

04/02/2013 – 08/02/ 2013
Workshops de AV Installations – NORMAL. Espazo de intervención cultural da UDC – A Coruña istoenormal.org


“La postproducción cultural; Una estética de relaciones” Tésis fin de master – Universitat Politècnica de València

“Fantasmagorías” Edicciones Trashumantes, Valencia ISBN: 978-84-932514-8- 2

Croamagazine, croa13, Vigo, Spain

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Doctoral theses about my art work

“Cineinstalações e o processo de criação no atravessamento dos espaços em ambientes audiovisuais e interativos:”


“MAPPING AESTHETICS Video Mapping in Relation to Gernot Böhmes theory of Atmospheres and a New Aesthetics.”
Jasmine Guffond – Universität der Künste, Berlin

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