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About his work method, Withoos explains: “I come up with an idea and then go looking for the right location, the models and the styling, and while I combine them to make the final image, I am still open to change, improvement and new ideas. Yes, it is staged photography. But even for me, there are always surprises in my work, an element of the unexpected. After the shooting, I then work like a painter, carefully layering the images, creating the final image in my mind and on my computer. It can take weeks before a picture is finally completed.”


Hans Withoos studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands, from 1983 to 1989, and then embarked on a highly successful career as a photographer in the commercial and fashion world. Over the past 20 years, he has happily combined commissioned work with his own art. Although he is a highly successful international photographer with clients in Brazil, Spain, Italy, the United States and Morocco, he has always found time for his own art. Over the years, he has produced numerous photographic series, shot in locations all over the world. Hans is fascinated by beauty in all its aspects: the beauty of drama, of the body and of light, as well as the beauty of suffering, as is shown in his series ‘Nocturnal Delight’ based on the seven deadly sins. His series ‘New Romantics’ and ‘Lady with her Golden Toys’ show his fascination with the beauty of strength,and his latest series of still-lifes, ‘Withoos meets Withoos’ is all about the beauty of symbolism. Like all his other work, his still-lifes show his dramatic use of light and the layering that are his signature style. The photography of Hans Withoos is set in a world of abundance and artifice, suggesting a certain decadence It is a world that is both alien and familiar. The figures that crowd his images become archetypes, leaving the viewer with a sense of alienation. His work is multi-layered, with carefully staged images and an idiosyncratic aesthetic. The images sometimes evoke emotions such as suffering, sensuality and oppressiveness; at other times they are deliberately devoid of any emotion at all. As Hans Withoos says: “The images don’t show a critical perspective, but rather an observant one.”


2019 ‘Voor Jillis’ Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

‘Look at me’  Art Zaanstad

Jean Gallery i.s.m. Think Jazzy Antwerpen

Think Jazzy Antwerp Belgium

Summerexpo Think Jazzy Antwerp

Summerexpo Delftware’ Galery Sille Oudewater,

The DAM Gallery Miami together with Harry Skeggs, and Miss Aniela,

Galerie Pfundt Berlin

Art Karlsruhe; Kunstrai, PAN Amsterdam by Eduard Planting Art Gallery     

AAF Brussels, AAF New York, AAF London, AAF Hamburg, AAF Stockholm, AAF Hampstead, AAF Hong Kong 

‘ICE FLOWERS’ third prize’ International Colour Awards Los Angeles ‘Still life’ Honor of Distinction


2018 ‘Withoos meets Withoos’, including original works by Matthias Withoos,

Westfries Museum Hoorn

Gallery Think Jazzy Antwerpen, October-November

Scope Miami USA

‘Proef de Kunst’, Art Zaanstad

‘December Beauties’, Anita Neve Gallery

DAM Gallery Miami, Florida

‘SQUID’ first prize International Colour Awards Los Angeles ‘Food’

AAF Brussels, AAF New York, AAF London, AAF Hamburg, AAF Stockholm, AAF Hampstead, AAF Hong Kong 

Art Breda, PAN Amsterdam by Eduard Planting Art Gallery


2017 Rotterdam Contemporary, Forreal Amsterdam, PAN 

Amsterdam, Art Amsterdam RAI by Eduard Planting Art Gallery     

AAF Brussels, AAF New York, AAF London, AAF Hamburg, AAF Stockholm, AAF Hampstead, AAF Hong Kong 

SCOPE Miami by Rhonen Art Gallery

Photographic paintings’, Eduard Planting Amsterdam


2016 AAF Brussels, AAF Miami, AAF New York,

AAF Hong Kong, AAF Stockholm, AAF Hamburg

Art Amsterdam, PAN Amsterdam by Eduard Planting Art Gallery

‘Staging and Revelation’, IV AFK Gallery Lisbon 

‘L’Homme Nu’, Galerie Pierre Alain Challier

FAT Art & Fashion week Toronto Canada (Muses of Klimt)             

‘My name is Blessin’g, DoeMUSEUM Veendam

‘Withoos – Withoos still lifes ,’Eduard Planting Galery Amsterdam

‘Proud People’, NL=US Rotterdam

2nd prize International Colour Awards ‘Children of the World‘

‘Withoos and Withoos , dramatic still lifes, Hans Withoos and his great great grandfather Matthias Withoos’

Art project for Rabobank Sampath Foundation, Sri Lanka in collaboration with Dieudionne Bouwman (styling)

 ‘Heidedansers, The Male Body’, Roosendaalse Heide in collaboration with Introdans International Dance Company

 ‘Rotterdam City of Colours’, fashion scene based on the colourful people of Rotterdam


2015 FAT Art & Fashion week, Toronto Canada

Dudok Arnhem in collaboration with Orange Babies

PAN Amsterdam, realism fair


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