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To dare creat a great work of art, you need not to be afraid. To create and not simply represent what is created is to reduce to explore specific aspects of art, without the intent of totalizing. Paint sits in the spirit of a transitional sketch, not only in its ways, but also in its techniques for art itself.Tests are done, attempts to find other ways to search, to discover the process that works, without being carried away by the inclination to ease
the self-pleasure of the technical nature, without forgetting that art is first and foremost.
The pictorial evolution is necessary, and not to paint narrative, mimetic, easy, nor within the complexity and technical sophistication. The large size determines the form, theme and color to make a picture that is suggestive through drawing and painting. The drawing allows art to be less realistic, more direct, yet more symbolic, because the picture is already in itself an abstraction. Is drawn unconsciously, intuitively and the result is good if it comes naturally as breathing, driven by its lightness. The pictorial drawing done directly on the canvas with a brush, without preamble or preparation, becomes more of a painting. It is no longer a drawing is a stroke, composed of masses, volumes, lights, which transfers the image directly to the canvas, now its purely mental, integrated with pigments, with smudges made with the elbow, a painting so internalized that even it, will not now its presence. The painting is not merely decorative but that which embodies a whole way of thinking, rhetorically and metaphorically, and with a sense of permanence, is a language that relies on its time.

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