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Kornelios Grammenos was born in Patras, Greece in 1959. He later moved to Athens in 1977-1980 to study Graphic Art and Photography at The Fine Arts School of Athens. Grammenos continued his studies at the Kölner Werkkunstschule,(Cologne School of Fine Arts), Meisterklasse where he studied both sculpture and painting with Stefan Wewerka from 1981-1988 and was declared a Meisterschüler. Grammenos then moved to Rome, Italy where he worked from 1988-1991.In 1991, he went and spent a year in New York, N.Y. In 1993, Grammenos moved back to Athens, where he currently resides, except for the years of 1999-2000, when he was artist in residence at HIA in San Fransico, California. Besides several group exhibitions, he has had 29 solo projects in Greece, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, The United States, and Turkey. Grammenos has also completed 12 sculpture projects in public and semi-public locations in Greece, Italy, Germany and Turkey.




2018    REPATRIATION Vol. 2 Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery, Athens

2017    REPATRIATION Vol. 1 Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery, Athens

2014    SCULPTURA EMFATICA Gallery Ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou, Athens

2013    THE BLACK HALF Titanium Gallery, Athens

2012    RETOUR A LA RAISON Cube Gallery, Patras

2010    FLOWERSFizz Gallery – Yianna Grammatopoulou, Athens

AFTERMATH Yeni-Tzami (Yeni Mosque), Thessaloniki

2009   EOS-SARMATA Galerie Beyer, Dresden

2008   SARMATA PARQUET Gallery Ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou, Athens

2007   SARMATAH The Nederlands Institute in Athene, Athens and Galerie 3, Athens

2004   MASKS The Nafplion Gallery

2003   RECENT PAINTINGS Galerie 3, Athens

2002   AS ABOVE SO BELOW365 Art Project, Athens

2000   ALIENS & KNIGHTS Nica Gallery Inc., San Francisco, California

1998    WERKEN 1984-1997Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki

CONTORTIONS Olga Georgandea Gallery, Athens

1997    5 KNIGHTS Spiegelhalle, Konstanz, Germany

NEW ALIENS Zita-Mi Gallery, Thessaloniki

THE SEA PAINTINGSThryallis Gallery, Patras

1995    ALIENS ON THE WALLThe Athens Gallery, Athens

1993    KNIGHTSArtio Gallery, Athens

1990    ALIENSArtio Gallery, Athens

OPERE 1982-1990Palazzo Corvaja, Taormina, Sicily

1988    ALIENS GO TO CHURCH St. Andrews Anglican Church, Patras

1987    WECHSELWIRKUNGEN Goethe Institute, Athens

1986    SCULPTURES AND DRAWINGS Koetshuis Gallery, Amsterdam

FARBE PUTZ Euskirchener Kunstverein, Euskirchen

1985    PAINTINGS Galerie 3, Athens

1984    PHENOMENA Municipal Gallery of Patras

ZWISCHENZEITLICH Lutz Diese Gallery, Leverkusen

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