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Mario was born in Naples (Italy) and now lives in Rome the city that he set off from and the city he goes back to. Mario has been involved in photography since the late seventies, gradually supporting the need for a deeper search for a language to identify with. His point of view is influenced by his painterly vision of a place, which he transform into a photograph. This interpretation derives from his personal study of the modern tradition of the abstract-figurative “-isms” typical of the early twentieth-century avant-garde movements in the arts. Geometry is certainly an important aspect of his research. “Forms and trace elements are repeated with an attention to mathematics and music. The composition is arranged in a pattern that produces harmony and refers to a symphonic score of lights and figures interspersed with fragments of stories surprised from analytical look and similar to choreographies.” Mario has exhibited in several galleries in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Lecce, Naples,Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York, Philadelphia,Berlin and Dubai. The artwork Travellers # 1 is presently in the collections of: The Philadelphia University of the Arts and of the France Public Library


Through photography, I wish to represent the dynamic complexity of real geometry through the interaction of shapes and space.  I am deeply inspired by both Futurism and Cubism and through all of the above I am able to express what is often hidden inside of me.



2001   Evidence of shape, Officine Fotografiche, Rome

2006  Museografie,International Festival of Rome,Acta International gallery,


2007  Walking, Gallerati gallery, Rome

2014   Flussi Geometrici, Complesso di Vicolo Valdina,Camera dei Deputati,

curated by Loris Schermi, Rome.


Main group exhibitions


2008  Boundary areas, PrimoPianoLivinGallery, Lecce

2008  Fuori3, Gallerati gallery, Rome

2010   Expectations NY, The Invisible Dog, New York

2011    Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

2012    Intimate space/Urban space, BiBox. Artspace, Biella

2013    Prix de la Découverte, Salon de la Photo, Paris

2013    The Photo Review, Gallery 1401, University of the Arts, Philadelphia

2014   Heist launch, Heist gallery, London;2014, Best shots Exhibition Tour, UK

2015    Out of norm, Werkkunst gallery, Berlino

2015    START Fair,Saatchi Gallery, London, with Studio Pivot

2015    Italian Art Fair,Gallery of Light, with PrimoPianoGallery, Dubai

2016   Affordable Art Fair,StudioPiù, Milan

2018   Scope Miami Basel, with The Directed Art Modern, Miami


Main Awards


2006  Honorable mention at the FNACAttention Talent Photofor the work

Evidence of shape

2009  Selected author for competitions Premio Celeste and Celeste Prize

International, Italy

2009  Swimming pool, selected artwork for the project Jpeggy, sponsored by AMACI and Telecom Italy

2010   Overall winner in the category Photography and Digital Graphics at

Premio Celeste Italy

2011    Honorable mention at IPA, International Photography Awards

2012    finalist at the second edition of Donkey Art Prize

2013    Winner at XVI International Art Award Massenzio, Roma

2013    Winner at The Best Shots International UK, Richmond

2013    Finalist at the International Fine Art Award at The Gran Prix de la

Decouverte, Paris

2013    Third place winner at The Photo Pholio Review, Philadelphia

2013    Honorable mention at IPA, International Photography Awards

2014   Honorable mention at IPA, International Photography Awards

2014   Honorable mention at Mifa I, Moscow

2016   Honorable mention at Mifa II, Moscow

2016   Finalist at Premio Arte Roma

2016   Second place winner at IPA, International Photography Awards,

Professional section, Interior Architecture.

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