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Humanity is a delicate balance of stratum, not mixed together, but built upon one another to form a shared history. I work with a combination of media to build narratives that engage people to search for common ground.I found my early creative inspiration in Miami, a typically divided city, which drove me to explore how divergent communities can coexist and relate.So began my fascination in the synthesis of dichotomy and its ability to bring awareness to facets of life that people may not otherwise want to face. Art provides a platform to bridge division and bring people into a dialogue with someone outside of their realm of understanding.In life, we confront division of every sort: class, race, political, religious, varying levels of education, artistic, and even emotional states. What we do with those everyday encounters and challenges is so powerful and important to affect positive change for the future. As an artist, it’s my obligationtorise to that challengeand show a pathforward in a world that will never cease to provide barriersand reasons to divide.

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