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I’ve always loved to draw for people. Throughout school, I drew my friends in hilarious situations as comic strips. When I worked at my mom’s clothing kiosk in Grand Central Terminal, I would hand out spaceship doodles to random passerby’s. During my time as a bassist in a band, I left art in each state we toured through, and especially to those who gave us a place to sleep for the night. The more art I gave, the more I created. At the core of all my work has been a vast appreciation for people and my surroundings. A lot of my art is produced in public places. When I’m riding the subway, strap-hangers are tilted over my canvases, watching me produce fine lines despite the jolting movement of the cars. After work, I seek refuge and fascination at Grand Central Terminal, painting whimsical landscapes based on my love for the architecture and volume of people  on big stretched canvases. My live paintings make busy commuters stop in their tracks and come over to ask questions. I think great art should achieve this, to make people stop and think, to bring the unexpected into the sphere of the ordinary. Through artwork, my goal is to share love with the public, and motivate others to pay the  experience forward. In a world where so many people are buried in their devices and entertainment, I strive to inspire people to break free from the norm and create.


Artist Rob Anderson is known for being seen around New York City with paint markers and canvas at hand creating whimsical, architectural pop art in the places that inspire him the most. A busy commuter at Grand Central Terminal once took the time to stop and compliment his work I, Marvel, 2017, saying that it reminded them of a mixture between the mathematically graphic M. C. Escher and the uplifting, street influenced pop art of Keith Haring. “I want to be able to bring art out from behind gallery walls and into the heart of the public. I hope that by revealing my creative process I inspire others to start using their imaginations and make something fun.” Interested in man intertwined with technology, Rob’s work always conveys a sense of marveling at the life in the city.


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