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I was inspired to create unique types of sculptures using common materials and found objects. This new-found perspective into sculpting opened a door and allowed me a new way to travel- travel as art. In this way, travel and observation provided a simple way for me to explore relationships between culture, people, objects and space. This method is now reflected in my sculptures and installations- I can go anywhere, make art anywhere and with any material. I can simultaneously fuel my imagination with experiences and create new designs related to what I find. My current projects are based on the concept to recreate the feelings of freedom and curiosity that I experience while traveling and transform them into abstract spaces. I make balloon installations using the most common materials I can find (currently plastic bags and tape) and use them to create installations that play with light, transparency, shape, and color.


Stefano Ogliari Badessi is a nomadic installation artist. He has adapted his creations to be mobile and easily transportable, giving him the freedom to pack up and take his art to any remote corner of the globe. Each of his installations is first imagined as a fantasy to touch some alternate sphere of reality and then realized using unique sensory combinations and performance collaborations.

A large part of what makes Stefano’s art unique is his ongoing study of materials. One of his biggest, and most gratifying, challenges is finding the most mundane material and transforming it into something sensational. Most recently, he has used plastic bags and wrap to construct immense inflatable installations. Stefano’s installations become the sum of sensations experienced inside the created space: sensual, ethereal, incorporeal, universal and illuminating.

Beauty is the gateway to unexplored territories- the sub-conscious dreamlike part of all of us where we feel most free and alive and where self-discovery is most possible. In 2014 he completed a residency in China, having been selected by François-Henri Pinault as a guest artist at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai. The project was presented at the 56° Biennale Of Venice. Most recently, Stefano presented “InnerSpace,” his installation at a satellite exhibition for the 2016 Art Basel Miami.


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