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Tomas Valdivieso Born in Santiago, Chile. 1981. Valdivieso has participated in various exhibitions (Mexico, Chile and the USA) experimenting in his works with different techniques. From the most figurative painting, the human figure and the absolute abstraction to the collage in its different ways. In this constant study he has used paint, resin, paper, digital printing and the interlacing that currently characterizes him. Over the last few years he has also investigated performance as a support for his work and as another form of artistic expression. Valdivieso is a multi-disciplinary artist in constant movement.



My work is an ongoing search for images that invite the observers to dive into a world filled with symbols they recognize and which, depending on their layout, color or texture, tell a story the public can easily identify with.

All my works are intended to make a social, religious and/or political statement. They are inspired by all protests and demonstrations organized around the world by different groups in society to show discontent with any given imposition. Thus, my work becomes a historical manifesto.

At present, feminism is my greatest inspiration, not only in its ideology but  also in regards to all the results such movement is achieving. Gender begins to be questioned, and a new feeling arises that all human beings do not have to accept as true all the roles we were once told to be the “Right Way”. Masculine is now  not just related to men,in the same way as Feminine is not only a role for women.

Fascination with collage comes only natural in the present moment. These days, we are constantly surrounded by images. We build reality through the images in the media, which are our current source of information. Images build our reality.

The images are carefully selected from common magazines about fashion, design, architecture, landscaping and nature amongst others. My main goal is to work with images the public can identify with so they can see themselves reflected in my work and actually “make it come alive”.

The wood pieces, that I call “stars” are mainly a collage of colors and reflections. They refer to the ecological chaos we live in nowadays. I use a white base, wood and fluor paint. The wood pieces are laid out in such a way that light can come up naturally giving the piece the final effect.

My technique is based on traditional collage: handmade pieces that are later digitalized to blow up the original scale so they can be printed in the intended size.  I then go back to handcrafting different ways. Sometimes, I follow a process of interlacing, inspired by the textile work of indigenous people in Latin America.

On other occasions, printing is only partial and it is finalized with new images that are cut out and glued by hand. Once again, I go back to handcrafting and the result is a mixed work.

The insistence in interlacing, almost as an imposition, is not only an act of honoring our ancestors, but a spot where I have found mystery. A place we cannot see but we know is present. At that very spot where threads or wood ribbons crisscross, there is a piece, a space that remains forever hidden. It might seem like the other side of the moon, that which we never see but it is certain to be there.

Our other face, the one we do not let anyone see.



2019                Hotel Merseilles, ADDICTED TO ART Project, By DAM Gallery. Miami Beach, FL 33139.

2019                Vitrina lab, Contemporary Chilean Art. Group exhibition. The Citadel. Miami, FL.

2019                Vitrina lab, Contemporary Chilean Art. Group Show. Miami, FL.

2019                Group exhibition. Atton Hotel, “Trío”, By FAVA Atelier. Miami, FL.

2018                Group exhibition. Atton Hotel, “Friends”, By FAVA Atelier. Miami, FL.

2018                Group exhibition. Atton Hotel, “INTERLACED”, By Eduardo Lira Gallery. Miami, FL.

2018                RAW POP UP, Performance and Installation ́”With out Lamb”, The Moore Building. Miami FL.

2018                Alfa Gallery, Performance and Installation “NADA” Miami FL.

2017                Alfa Gallery, Performance and Installation “Mars” Miami, FL.

2016                MAC Gallery, Red Dot Miami, FL. // Art Basel.

2016                House of Art Gallery Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

2016                Artist permanent MAC Gallery Ft. Lauderdale

2016                Group exhibition. Aldo Castillo Gallery. Naples, FL.

2015                Spectrum Miami, Rubber Stamp Art Projects, Miami, FL // Art Basel.

2015                Group exhibition. Molina Art Gallery. Miami, FL.

2015                Group exhibition. Monoloco Art Gallery, Santiago., Chile.

2015                Pablo Neruda Railway Museum “From Mud to the Table, from the Table to Art”. Temuco, Chile.

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